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How We Began Selling Cufflinks To Canada / U.S.A.

  • Our Cufflink Beginnings: It all began with selling vintage jewelry online. Our expertise in distinguishing a vintage piece has become second nature. We can look at a brooch and, instantly give you an approximate era from which it came. Before long, we were adding cufflinks to our vintage inventory. The more we obtained, the more I fell in love with the eras and styles. As my wife Valerie continues on with our love of selling vintage jewelry, it was also inevitable that I move forward with my love of antique and vintage cuff links. One of the few shops online offering true vintage and antique cuff links, I plan to make my own niche as one of the most honest and trusted names in the business. I hope your journey into antique and vintage cuff links will be as pleasurable, and interesting, as my own has been. See my Links page for blog articles I have on researching and wearing cuff links. Wishing you all the best. Rob

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