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Large Vintage Buddha Cufflinks. Vintage Buddhist Cufflinks.

Large Vintage Buddha Cufflinks. Vintage Buddhist Cufflinks.

Very large, tall, and hollow vintage Buddha cufflinks in bronze tone. Made of a thin metal, these vintage Buddhist cufflinks are a sight to see. Definitely made to stand out in a crowd. The detailing is very nice and, in great shape. The backs of the cufflinks are wire bridged and I am unsure if original to the piece as they sport a more of a gold tone brass color. Either way, this is a one of a kind set for anyone wanting a very large pair of cuff links. The wires get caught up a bit but, if you give them a shake they come back just fine. A rare glimpse into a very unique set. If you are interested in a set of vintage Buddhist cufflinks, or need a statement set, please consider this pair. Tops measure a large 1 1/2 inches tall x 1 inch across bottom x 2/8 of an inch from cuff to top of Buddha.

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